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Landscape Lighting
Enhance the beauty at night
  After The Sun Goes Down, your landscape takes on a new dimension. Most designers plan for their landscapes to be viewed during daylight hours, but landscape lighting can extend your enjoyment into the evening. Lighting makes your landscape and garden come alive, highlighting the large branches of  maple or lighting a rippling pond. Soft light shows off the artistry of flowers, shrubs, trees and landscape accents in a new and different way.
  Exterior and landscape lighting enhances a buildings architectural features, gardens, trees, deck and more. Outdoor lighting helps alleviate darkness and balances the light radiating from the interior and other sources. Concealed fixtures can throw light up, down or any direction, in a soft or dramatic fashion to appropriately illuminate an object, giving it richness and dimension. The entry is the first impression and typically the focal point, of a building. The light and fixtures give a design preview of what's to come. Exterior and Landscape lighting provide an amazing opportunity to create magic and fantasy for an otherwise dark and shadowed space.
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  Here at Dakotah Services we have the experience you need when planning your home, outdoor makeover. We install landscape lighting to your needs. We have an array of brand's from budget  products like Malibu to lifetime warranty items such as Vista & Unique. When you are looking for in style low voltage outdoor lighting or decorative outdoor lighting for your patio, deck or garden, we have exactly what you need. We’re well equipped to work on commercial projects as well as residential, no matter the size, our contractors are ready to assist you.
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